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Quality seeds and feed additives since 1986!

At Keeler Enterprises, we supply the local agricultural and landscape community with excellent quality seeds at affordable pricing. In addition, we are a distributor of quality feed additives for
dairy, beef, poultry, goat and sheep farming businesses.

Our business is providing you with the absolute best quality product at unbeatable prices.
Our comprehensive line of seed and feed additives are proven winners... reliable and tested.
That's why we've been in business for over 25 years!

What's our secret to success? It's easy...

  Provide quality items, affordably priced.
  Personalized service, everyday.
  Knowledageble staff who understand our customers' needs.
  FREE delivery within 60 miles of Claverack.

Call us today for all your seed and feed additive needs.

Customized mineral packages available!

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